Do you want to regularly develop your climbing skills? Try the section with our instructors who will teach climbing to complete beginners, but also guide the climbing development of more advanced climbers. For children, we offer sections adapted to the age of participants and introducing the youngest to the world of climbing. 

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You are just starting your adventure with climbing, but would like to learn how to climb like real masters of this sport? Under the guidance of our instructors, you will discover how much climbing technique helps you climb lightly and neatly, gaining good climbing habits from the very beginning.

Scope of classes

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Have you been climbing for some time and maybe even attended sections? In the intermediate sections, you will be able to improve your skills and gain the stamina necessary to cover long distances. You will also learn how to properly belay while driving

Scope of classes

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Your child wants to try his hand as a young climber? This is great, because climbing is one of the most general sports. Our instructors will introduce him to the world of climbing in an age-appropriate way, so that your child can learn climbing technique while having fun.

Scope of classes



  • learning top belaying
  • learning the basics of climbing technique (putting feet on steps, types of grips, dynamic and static solutions, frontal technique, twisting technique, flags, hooking)
  • climbing in various formations (verticals, overhang floors, jams and pillars)
  • comprehensive physical training
  • mental preparation to overcome difficulties
  • work on individual challenges
  • preparation for independent climbing on climbing walls and in the field


  • improving techniques of upper and lower belaying 
  • improving the climbing technique (leg precision, twist efficiency, frontal technique, steps and inside flags, jumps and kicks, resting on the wall, blocks and squeezes)
  • training focused on building climbing endurance
  • building finger and shoulder strength
  • preparation to overcome further difficulties
  • training of antagonistic muscles for climbing



  • familiarization with climbing in the form of games, activities and animations adapted to the age of children
  • learning knots
  • classes focused on the all-round development of the child
  • individual approach
  • balance, dexterity and coordination exercises
  • learning the basics of climbing technique
  • learning safety rules on a climbing wall


  • learning climbing techniques
  • learning knots and belaying
  • tasks introducing the world of sport climbing
  • exercises of balance and coordination, speed and teamwork
  • comprehensive physical development
  • building self-confidence by overcoming difficulties on the wall
  • building relationships in the group
  • learning safety rules on a climbing wall

AGE 14 - 17

  • learning climbing techniques
  • motor skills training
  • learning to solve problems on your own while climbing
  • learning knots and belaying
  • preparation for self-climbing
  • group tasks and group integration
  • learning safety rules on a climbing wall



  • Frequency of classes: 1 time per week
  • Duration of classes: 90 minutes or 60 minutes for the youngest age groups (6 - 9 years old)
  • Number of participants: up to 8 people per class


  • PLN 50 / 1 class - when paying for the whole month. 
  • PLN 68 / 1 class - when paying for a single class
  • The price includes the entrance ticket, does not include the rental of harnesses and shoes 



I have been climbing for 25 years, and for 7 years I have been teaching climbing on the Tri-City climbing walls and in the rocks. I grew up near the highest peak of Żuławy Wiślane (14.6 m above sea level) and this is probably where my love for the mountains came from. I am a great lover of the Italian Dolomites, but I also appreciate the slippage of Jurassic limestone and I greatly respect the ingenuity of the Tatra aura. I really like working with beginner climbers, pointing out that training on the wall, although great fun in itself, is primarily a way to climb in nature. I am a climbing instructor, a member of the Trójmiasto Mountaineering Club, an academic lecturer and the owner of the Climb More company.


I have been climbing for 10 years, I am a graduate of the Poznań University of Physical Education. I have been training people on climbing walls for 8 years, and I have also been training in rocks for five years. I am fascinated by rock climbing, which translates into many sports trips, I especially like Spain, although I also have a special feeling for the German Frankenjura. I am not looking for a number but challenges that inspire me and force me to learn new things.

Olga Kulish

An excellent and titled climber, multiple medalist of the Ukrainian bouldering championships. certified climbing instructor. An excellent trainer for both beginners and ambitious climbers. 

antek oil

I have been climbing for five years, I am a sports student at the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk. What I value the most in climbing is discovering new corners of the world, I like challenges, sport and traditional climbing. I enjoy every day spent in the rock.


agnieszka pokrzywinska

I have been climbing for several years. Climbing showed me a different dimension of travel, and exploring new climbing areas in the world became my greatest passion. I specialize in working with children and teenagers, and I gained experience in this area while working as an instructor in scouting and working for many years as a sailing instructor. What gives me the greatest joy when working with children is the opportunity to observe their development and climbing progress.